Eye Flu: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Eye Flu: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Eye Flu: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention
Eye Flu: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Our eyes are not only the most attractive part of the body but also the most special part. These are important in our body only as long as the sight of your eyes is right, vision is a medium with the help of which man smells the sensation of light rays, the nature of things, distance, color, etc. Taking care of the eyes is as important as other parts of the body, and your beautiful eyes can get worse if you're taking the slightest negligence with them. What is conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis or oy flu as we know in the name of eye coming is a common infection that we all must have ever faced. This infection causes eye irritation. But what should be done and how to defend when this problem occurs, these few people know and understand. There can be many causes of eye infections, but these are the main causes of small bacterial and virus infections. Usually, it is caused by an allergic reaction. But in many cases, bacterial infections are also responsible for this. Sometimes such infections are caused by something in the eyes going away like smoke or filth. People who wear bad lenses are also likely to be prone to this infection. This infection begins with one eye only, but soon the other eye is also vulnerable to it. eye infections or oy flu is normally seen with changes in weather. It occurs mostly in cold weather or the rainy season | It is a spreading disease, which can happen to any person. Once it's done to someone, it also starts spreading to the logo that stays around it. The eye first looks dark yellow when there is an infection in the eyes, then after some time, the color of the eyes changes and turns red. Symptoms of conjunctivitis Eyes to be red Itching eyes visible to eyes watery eyes Pain in the eyes In the beginning, these symptoms are seen in one eye and may also be farmed in another eye if not precaution or manage. In the severe state of conjunctivitis, some patients may also have blood from the eye. Green with eyes or white The sticky fluid is a single symptom of having conjunctivitis. Insensitivity to dhoop or bright light is also called photophobia. pay attention If you have got conjunctivitis it is important to take special care of these things before treating it at home. The cure for oy flu is possible only if some precautions are taken Should not shake hands with a person. The eyes should not be rubbed with the hand. If the children have been in the eye, he should not send the school. The eyes should be washed with lukewarm water three or four times. Three or four days the patient should rest. No one should use a towel, rural Treating conjunctivitis

1. Rose water

Washing the eye with rose water reduces eye infections. Apply two drops of rose water into the eyes and doing it twice a day can eliminate the problem of conjunctivitis.

2. Hot water

The washing of the eye with the use of light warm water removes the dirt that is frozen over the eyes. Remove warm water into a pot and cool lightly and with that light warm water, you can also wash your eyes directly, causing the grime dirt in the eye to come out.

3. Amla juice

Grind the pulp of 3 to 4 amla fruit and take out its juice. Mix that juice in a glass of water and drink it. Use amla juice in the morning empty stomach and twice a day before sleeping at night. Drinking amla juice is also beneficial when there is an infection in the eyes.

4. Use of honey and water

Add 2 teaspoons of honey to a glass of water. Then kill that water in open eyes with a sharp shock from your then tho. Washing eyes with honey removes eye infections.

5. Spinach and carrot juice

Take the pice to 4 or 5 of the spinach and squeeze the juice. 2 Pice the carrot too and take out the juice. Take half a cup of water in a glass and drink it by mixing carrot and spinach juice in it. Doing this daily starts reducing eye infections. Spinach and carrot juice are quite beneficial for eye infections because the vitamins found in them are quite important for the eyes.

6. Turmeric and hot water

Heat 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder for 2 to 3 minutes. Mix that turmeric in a glass of warm water. Smile the eyes with the help of cotton. Mixing turmeric in hot water should dry the eyes with cotton.

7. Potato

Cut a potato into good-thin–thin pieces of vegetation. Before sleeping at night put that cut potato on top of your eyes for 10 minutes then take it off. Potatoes contain a high amount of starch using which eye infections can be cured.